Woo-Nam Hyung (U-Nam) Tul – 雲南型- 失傳的跆拳道黑帶二段拳法 (The Lost Pattern) [updated Jan 06, 2018]

Woo Nam Hyung {U-NAM} (the lost pattern) was created prior to 1959 apparently to honor and gain favor with the former President Syngman Rhee (whose pen name was U-Nam), who was the first President of Korea until he was forced to resign due to nationwide massive student protests in 1960. Dr. Rhee fled and lived out the rest of his life in Hawaii in exile.

(Woo -Nam)U-Nam was a “lost” or “forgotten” Pattern created by General Choi Hong Hi, the Principle Founder of the Original or Military Self Defense Taekwon-Do. The form or hyung, as they called them in those days, was finalized by 1959. Pattern U-Nam was researched by Dr. George Vitale, VIII Degree from NYC, USA. During his many years of extensive research he was advised of its creation by Grandmaster “CK” Choi (Chang Keun), a Founding Member of the ITF.

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