A letter from General Choi dated 36 years ago. [updated Jan 6, 2018]

On March 31, 2014, Dr. George Vitale Vlll, the ITF Spokesman, flew into Kuala Lumpur from Phuket Island, Thailand where he attended the ITF EDB meeting chaired by the ITF President, Dr. Chang Ung. His purpose of the visit was to interview the first disciple of Gen Choi GM Low Koon Lin.

642 view here Photo taken at Grand Master Low Koon Lin’s residence in Petaling Jaya together with Dr. George Vitale and Mr. Chong Soon Kean, a former 3 times ITF World Champion ( Pattern event..now promoted Sr.Master 8th Degree by GM Phap Lu (CHITF)

Gen Choi's letter View here A letter by Gen Choi 36 years ago when he visited my State hometown in Kuantan,in 1978 just months before we participated in the 2nd World ITF Championships in Oklahoma city in the USA.

snapshot with Masters George and Monir View Here

Snapshots with Dr. George Vitale and Grandmaster Mounir Ghrawi. Photo taken in Toronto during the GTF Park Jung Tae International Challenge Cup Championships.

GM Kim Group Photo View Here Photos taken in GM Kim Bok Man’s gymn in New Jersey together with Dr. George Vitale, Master Chris Gantner, Sec-Gen of GTF, and Master Delcid.

United States Taekwondo Grandmasters Society – Peace Award 2013

Published on May 20, 2013

Dr George Vitale receiving his Award in NJ April 2013 US Taekwondo Grandmasters Society, Dr He Young Kimm, Grandmaster Mounir Ghrawi, Grandmaster Richard Chun, Grandmaster Woo Jung Jin, Taekwondo ITF WTF


Master George Vitale, retired US police officer, is everywhere — Ireland one month and North Korea the next. He studies martial arts as a hobby, and advises many instructors about Tae Kwon Do’s history. I met him in Brighton, England, where he told me a bit about himself.

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