Our Spiritual Athletic Journey: 7 Powerful Messages to Help You Take Your Game to The Highest Level by Rodney Scharboneau (Author)

Our Spiritual Athletic Journey introduces many powerful ideas for making the most of our athletic experience. Our mission as the coaches and parents of young athletes has always been aligned with and deeply rooted in spirituality. Applying the spiritual principles in this book will lead any coach, parent, or athlete to a peaceful and fulfilling place that has much less to do with win-loss records and championships and has everything to do with accessing divine direction.

Discover seven impactful messages that will give you practical tools for replacing cutthroat competitive ways with creative methods for building self-esteem which are one with true spirit. Find out what wonderful things happen-like success and victory-when we decide to create instead of compete, to tap in to the true source energy of our teams, to replace fear with love, and to faithfully look forward to the next play.

From the Inside Flap
As coaches and parents of athletes, we gain peace, joy, and confidence when we allow ourselves to align with spirit as we support our children in their athletic endeavors. And when we gain inner peace and confidence in this way, we quietly give ourselves permission to love our opponents.

Love them so much that you’ll outwork them in practice and show them something amazing in the game. Make it your mission to bring unmatched energy, skill, and drive to each and every contest. After all, it is the highest form of respect you can show your opponent, the universe, and the game.

When we coach, parent, or play from a place of true spirit, we put ourselves in a special light to serve the most important roles. Thus, when we win, we will find it so much more natural to offer encouragement to the team that just lost, and when we lose, our congratulations will be heartfelt and we will feel gratitude for the opportunity to learn and improve.

Spirituality in our youth is the ultimate incorporation of our brothers and sisters into a community. Our best nature elevates their nature, and together we experience an extraordinary divine energy which would be impossible to achieve alone.

The divine energy is in everyone. We tap into it and harness it when our actions come from a place of love as opposed to one of fear. What kind of energy are you bringing to your team as a coach? What kind of energy are you bringing, as a parent, to your child’s athletic experience?

When we embrace sport and competition in a spiritual way, we are operating from the highest possible place. We are in touch with our divine nature, and we are doing all we can to be like God.

Rodney Scharboneau is a highly respected high school basketball coach, basketball skill-set trainer, and mentor from Trenton, Michigan. He has been married to the beautiful Melanie Monaghan for twenty-three years. Together, they have a wonderful son, Matthew, and a terrific daughter, Hannah.

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