1st Pan-Malaysia Global Taekwon-Do Federation (PGTF) Instructor Certification Course – Dec 15-16, 2012

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do. ~ Confucius


우리의 큰 영광으로 전도 적 없어하지 않을,하지만 우리는 그럴 때마다를 올리고있다. ~ 공자

Kemuliaan terbesar kami tidak pernah jatuh, tetapi dalam bangun setiap kali kita lakukan. ~ Confucius

Whenever we keep our eyes and ears open, to be always maintaining the present moment awareness and mindfulness, epiphany and synchronicity would manifest their deepest revelation for some profound and meaningful events to occur.

Recalling back on July 2011, PGTF Officials and the national team flew in to Dundee, Scotland, to participate in the 8th GTF World Championships. Best Western Queens hotel was where the previous British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill had stayed during his early years as Member of Parliament for Dundee.

A picture frame of him was seen hanging on the wall with his personal handwriting inscription commenting on the hallmarks of a quality residence, with a fantastic location to match, and ideally situated for golf at the famed Saint Andrews.

Instructors Course 2012-Group Foto

At the same time, it was during these critical hours back in Malaysia when PGTF had submitted its application papers to the Sports Commissioner’s office for the approval of the Certificate of Registration, as a legitimate national TKD body. The previous application had been left hanging in limbo for more than 6 years with no positive results.

As we stared deeply into the eyes of Sir Winston Churchill, it was as if he was lecturing us on the importance of courage and indomitable spirit….

” Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” and

“Never, never, never give up.”

When we have the inner vision and belief in our dreams and goals, each day will bring synchronistic events into play. The end result was when the then Honourable Senator Dato’ Master Andy Ng, who was also the pro-tem PGTF Deputy President, announced the good news that PGTF was finally issued with the Certificate of Registration.

Since then, PGTF events and activities had been graced by Malaysia Sports Minister and his Deputy as well as by the Deputy Finance Minister with financial grants extended to the National Body.

Whereas Sir Winston Churchill reminded us on the virtues of courage and perseverance, the great Chinese sage Confucius extolled on the essence of integrity, Justice ,(正義, ‘Zhèngyì’) trust ( 相信 ‘Xiāngxìn‘) and benevolence (仁慈 ‘Réncí’), among many other qualities that describe the ethical aspects of martial art.

So the choice of conducting the Instructor Certification course at the Confucian private secondary school reflected meaningful coincidences upon which the principles of PGTF are expounded – going back to the source of teaching the original purpose of a traditional martial art .

More than 80 over Black Belt exponents from Kelantan, Kedah, Penang, Perak, Trengganu, Pahang, Federal Territory, Selangor and Johore participated in the Instructor course jointly conducted by the PGTF Masters. Among the topics covered were sports science, basic Instructor teaching syllabus, Korean terminology on stances, blocks and punches, and the step sparring and patterns familiarization.

At the end of the course, there were 15 Black Belt exponents who sat for the upgrading test for 4th and 5th Degree.

PGTF Masters conducting the Upgrading Test for senior Black Belts

4 thoughts on “1st Pan-Malaysia Global Taekwon-Do Federation (PGTF) Instructor Certification Course – Dec 15-16, 2012

  1. Translate  人生最大的光荣不在于从不跌倒,而是跌倒了能再从新爬起来。〜孔子


  2. or 人生最大的光荣不在于从不跌倒,而是跌倒了能再从新站起来。 〜孔子


  3. Morning Master, Sorry sir, I can’t see the photo in side your page. Thank you sir. Tae kwon. thung


  4. Thung,
    I have amended the wordings of Confucius as you have suggested. Regarding the photos, try re-formatting your software, as I can still view the photos on my computer screen.

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