(standing left to right) Thung Jin Ping, Johnson Kong, Lee Chee Hao, Chin Lee Kee,   Mdm Lim Yoke Lin, Ting Siew Chuan, Steven Soo, Lai Jian Wen, Lee Teng Hui, Mah Kin Aun, Kum Yew Wong,
  (Sitting left to right) Master Billy Soon, Master Alex Lee, Master Ng Hooi Lai,
  Master Dato Ng Fook Heng, Master Ngiaw Wee Sun, Master Lee Hok Heng,
  Master Dang Kok Wai
PAN-MALAYSIA GLOBAL TAEKWON-DO FEDERATION (PGTF) held its 1st Annual General Meeting (AGM) on September 16 2012, at the K.L. International Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The results of the election of office-bearers in the main committee (EXCO) for the term 2013-2014 are as follows:-

President: Dato’ Othman Talib ( Not in the picture )
Deputy President: Master Dato’ Ng Fook Heng
Vice-President 1: Master Ng Hooi Lai
Vice-President 2: Master Lee Hok Heng
Vice-President 3: Master Dang Kok Wai

Pursuant to Article 15.2 of the Constitution, the following Officials were appointed by the President/Main Committee:

Secretary-General: Master Ngiaw Wee Sun
Treasurer-General: Mr. Lai Jian Wen
Assistant Secretary-General: Mr. Lee Chee Hao

Committee Members:

1. Master Billy Soon
2. Master Alex Lee
3. Mr. Chin Lee Kee
4. Mr. Johnson Kong
5. Mr. Ting Siew Chuan
6. Mr. Thung Jin Ping
7. Mr. Steven Soo
8. Mr. Mah Kin Aun
9. Mr. Lee Teng Hui

Auditors : 1. Mr. Kum Yew Wong
2. Mdm.Lim Yoke Lin


Note: PGTF Instructors’ Course & Upgrading Test – December 2012. Stay tune for more information.

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