Olympic Taekwondo – Its History and Development

London 2012 Olympics: Taekwondo

Over a span of some 39 years since its establishment as a World Body, WTF has grown by leaps and bounds in evolving to what is an Olympic-sanctioned body today. This is in great contrast to the numerous TKD splinter groups which had been in existence much earlier than WTF, but they are still mired in political and power struggle besides being obsessed in pursuit of their respective egoistic ostentation and materialistic gain.

Aside from this, when one reads the history of TKD as recorded in the following attached documents published by WTF, not a single mention or iota of recognition was attributed to the founder of Taekwon-Do.

Be that as it may, WTF has worked very hard and diligently in its relentless propagation to become the Olympic Taekwon-Do today, with enormous government support all over the world.

Read and be astounded by the detailed and its tremendous in depth research information as listed in the attached documentary literature.

For full details of WTF 2012 MEDIA KIT View Here

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