2012 The Chinese Year Of The Dragon

Year 2012  is the chinese year of the dragon. Disclosure of the reptilian race during this dragon year would be interesting. I feel there is hope in the dark recesses for all races.

This is a reflection of the times in synchronicity with all alien disclosure, astrology,and the reptilian element. I would say to go look beyond the histories of alien and earth wars,but there are those who will never accept change and hold fear in their hearts,but, who could ever want to live forever in a world such as it is right now?

Is it ‘normal’ to inflict pain and torture on another human being?
Hope is for changes in the hearts of governments and a united humanity.

music..by Kitaro,the song,’Dholavira.’

2012: The Year of Freedom, Courage, & Change!

This is a video highlighting what to expect in 2012 due to Chinese Astrology and Numerology Influences.

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