2 thoughts on “Everything Happens For a Reason

  1. Dear Master Ngiaw,

    I once wrote to Master Bonfiglio a letter that started out, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I was writing to him about a few reasons I started TaeKwon-Do.

    Anyway, I was feeling very low today. In such incredible pain over some things one of my daughters is going through right now. Feeling lost today. And I came here and saw this post. Normally I wouldn’t give it much thought. Just so busy and going through the day. But I needed this little video today, and I cannot thank you enough, sir, for posting it. I’ll share it with my daughter, and I will hope it makes a difference for her as well.

    As always, my fond regards to you Master. Thank you for all the important posts on your Blog.

    Randy LeGrant
    II Dan
    Old Guy

  2. Hi Mr. LeGrant,

    It’s amazing how synchronicity or epiphany works ! I have just uploaded this video a few seconds ago over thousands of miles away from USA and my thought literally flew across the ocean thinking about your TKD workout. And you wrote your comment on this video clip …..a few seconds ago….. awesome.

    I am now back in Malaysia….. and as much as I wanted to look forward to your participation at the New Jersey TKD Championship this October, my presence is much needed back home for some urgent assignment to be carried out.

    Anyway, Time and Space will become meaningless when one transcends the boundaries of our thinking process and know well assured we shall meet each other at a higher plane of existence.

    My best regards to your daughter.

    God speed.

    Master Ngiaw.

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