Finger Pointing to the Moon – Bruce Lee

“A Finger Pointing at the Moon”

There is an old parable which talks about a sage describing the Tao to his students. He admonished them to pay less attention to his words, and more attention to the practice. He said “My words are like a finger pointing at the moon – if you look too closely at the finger, you will miss the moon.”

In your own practice, be careful not to get too caught up in the philosophy, or the dialogue which happens in the room. Remember that the philosophy is the finger – the truth, the point of our practice, is what we experience when we do our martial art. You can have all the philosophy in the world, but without the practice, you will be lost. You can have all the practice in the world, and without the philosophy… you’ll be just fine.

Do your practice. Be diligent. The rest will happen.

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