Historical Meeting at the Parliament House, Malaysia (updated July 25, 2011)

On June 27, 2011, responding to the initiative of the Honorable (YB) Senator Andy Ng, we gathered at the Parliament House to meet up with the Sports Minister and the Sports Commissioner during the Parliamentary recess session to discuss PGTF’s outstanding issue relating to the application of registration which has been pending for almost 7 years. Several meetings were held in the past with the Sports Ministry officials to resolve the issue but had yielded no positive results.

PGTF OFFICIALS AT THE PARLIAMENT HOUSE (Left to Right – The Honorable (YB)  Senator Master Andy Ng, Master Billy Soon, Master Lee Hok Heng, Master Ngiaw Wee Sun, Master Alex Lee, Mr. Thung Jin Ping               

This time around, we reminded ourselves that this could be the final ‘battle’ – a ‘do’ or ‘die’ mission to plead with the sports authorities to approve the certification of registration of the National Body failing which we would hang our belts, bid ourselves farewell and go into our separate ways or maybe join other TKD Group.

But deep within the chambers of our hearts, there still remain that little spark – that pilot light of indomitable spirit  that beckons us to ‘fight’ one more round., just one more final round – for TRUTH and JUSTICE to prevail.

If we add up the total count of Degrees ( Dan ) that the 6 of us had obtained we would have accumulated more than 100 years of martial art training experience. Surely with such impressive accumulation of years of experience, we can ‘move mountains’ and make things happen.  How true when Sir Winston Churchill said Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”  

While waiting for the arrival of the Sports Ministry officials, we wasted no time and got our acts together and brainstormed the issues relevant to the pending discussion with the Sports Ministry officials. We strategised our approaches, refined our arguments with anticipated reactions, and finalized our presentations.


After having a preliminary discussion with the Sports Commissioner to review the  issues relating to our earlier application which has been pending for almost 7 years, we were advised on the following:

  • to submit a fresh application to the Sports Commissioner office (PPS);
  • to obtain consent letters from the current State Associations desiring of affiliating to PGTF; similar requirements at  district level,academies and clubs also apply;
  • to have a minimum of 7 States Associations to meet the requirements of formation of a National Body;

The Sports Commissioner concluded by appealing us to complement each other’s work by submitting all the required documents and applications. He assured us that the papers will be processed and we should receive a reply within 2 weeks.


At 4.30pm on the fateful Tuesday, June 27, 2011,  the Sports Minister presided the meeting and commented on some very pertinent and salient issues relevant to the Taekwon-Do development and administration in Malaysia:
  • that Taekwon-DO ITF & GTF style are not considered as high performance sports as compared to Taekwon-Do WTF;
  • that only WTF is recognized by the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) and hence will enjoy government support with funding benefits;
  • that GTF & ITF only seek legitimacy in their sporting activities in compliance to the Sports Act 1976, hence the requirement for the Certification of Registration from PPS.
  • that GTF and ITF should be allowed to carry out their sports activities, mobilize the youths to engage in healthy life-style, develop leadership qualities and discipline and other value added benefits that come along with the training proper.

We were very impressed by the Sports Minister’s grasp of knowledge over the state of affairs currently impacting TKD in Malaysia, and we were very grateful for his wisdom and foresight.

As we concluded our meeting, we maneuvered ourselves and walked on the corridors of the Parliament premise now filled with the country’s lawmakers, both the ruling government and the Opposition Parliamentarians, in their crisped official coat suites hurriedly entering the assembly hall for the afternoon session.With hardly 7 days left before the PGTF contingent would depart for the 8th GTF World Championships, Scotland, we collaborated and mobilized our efforts, convened inaugural meetings, elected pro-tem office bearers for the respective States, and filled up the required application forms. With the Honorable Senator Andy Ng attending the forthcoming Parliament session the following week, we gathered all the documents; have them proof-read and edited and handed over to him for his immediate action.

We literally worked our hearts out, day and night, to beat the deadline. We wish to record a word of thanks to all those who had assisted during this final hours for their sacrifice and enduring patience.

The rest was history with the Honorable Senator Andy Ng going back and forth the Sports Commissioner office, tidying up the loose insertions and amendments.

On July 13, PGTF was officially certified as a legitimate Sport Body ( Registration No 4709/2011), the governing body for GTF in Malaysia as sanctioned by the GTF HQ in Toronto, Canada. Together 5 State Associations and district bodies were also issued with the Certificate of Registration by the Sports Commissioner, Malaysia.

On July 18,2011, a Press Conference was called by the President of PGTF, Dato Othman Talib and local TV stations and the Press media were present to witness the official launching of the newly minted TKD Body.

Newspaper Report – July 23, 2011 Sin Chew Daily
Press statement :  English Translation:
PGTF, a new Taekwondo Body in Malaysia was successfully registered on 13/7/11 by
the Pesuruhjaya Sukan, kementerian belia dan sukan. It is affiliated to the Global
taekwon-do Federation (GTF), a world body, HQ at Ontario, Canada.
PGTF is the only Malaysia body recognised by the GTF HQ. Presently PGTF has 8 states affiliates, namely:
  • Persatuan Pan-Malaysia Global Taekwondo P.Pinang (PGTF P.Pinang),
  •  PGTF Pahang,
  •  PGTF Johor,
  •  PGTF Wilayah Persekutuan,
  •  PGTF Selangor,
  • PGTF N.Sembilan,
  •  PGTF Kedah and
  •  PGTF Perak.
  •  It also has a few district affiliates. We believe that we will be able to expand to every states in the near future. We welcome other Taekwondo members to join us.

PGTF was launched by its president Dato’ Othman Talib in kuala Lumpur on the 18/7/11. The ceremony was witnessed by YB Senator Ng Fook Heng who is also their Deputy President. All the committees attended the ceremony.

Dato said that with the approval from the sports commissioner, we are now officially recognized as a sport body in Malaysia. Before that, we registered PGTF under a Sdn Bhd  company. With this approval, we will dissolve the company and transfer  what ever asset we have to the new body. We will run it professionally.

He hoped all instructors and affiliates will work together to make PGTF a well respected body. Currently we have about 20000 members in Malaysia. We will organize a national championship this year, probably in Ipoh. He hoped all members  prepare for the Championships.

“Every day you may make progress. Every step may be fruitful. Yet there will stretch out before you an ever-lengthening, ever-ascending, ever-improving path. You know you will never get to the end of the journey. But this, so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb.”                                                                                                            – Sir Winston Churchill

5 thoughts on “Historical Meeting at the Parliament House, Malaysia (updated July 25, 2011)

  1. As a saying goes “we always take things for granted until we miss them”. Yes, we really “missed” PGTF for the last 6 years. We were like an orphan without a shelter. After 6-7 years of hardships endure, humiliation and anxiety, we now can walk with our heads high. I will make sure everyone follows the rule. All comments and opinions are welcome for the long term survival of PGTF. We need to seal up all loop holes and clear all destructive practice of the past to ensure PGTF survival.

    Senator Andy, Malaysia

  2. Yes,our Honorable Senator Andy….its about time that we wake up and do the right things right this time around. We will draft the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and guidelines and comply to the by-laws of the Constitution.

    Having said this, we have to start mentoring the second echelon of leaders to take over the helm. There is time for everything….to enjoy our sunset years…..to sip over a cup of coffee …to catch up with our favorite pastimes.

  3. Thank you for the information. In fact, Master Lee has briefed me of the meeting in Parliament House. I just cannot believe it after 7 long years of waiting, and suddenly with the short time frame given to re-submit and we make it. It is unbelievable and good luck must be coming PGTF way. Hope all the seniors will co-operate and take good care of the hard earn registration, no in fighting and hopefully work for the good of PGTF. Until then thanks once again for the information and good night. Bye.


  4. The article on “Historical Meeting at Parliament House…..” was very well written. It should be read by every PGTF and the genuine GTF members from Malayisia and the world. We also welcome those who were with us but later abandoned us due to certain reasons known to themselves to read this historical article. Yes, we never gave up. We were patient and humble but we never compromised on our integrity and dignity. We managed to stick together and help each other. We believed the truth would prevail. We were down but not out. The hardship that we had gone through was a blessing in disguised. Long live PGTF. We treasure your existence…..


  5. We thank you for your display of indomitable spirit for truth and justice to prevail……

    Deep within us all we are truly Masters…..when only we embrace, nurture and nourish the essence in the trinity of Body, Mind and Spirit.

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