All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.” – Sir Winston Churchill


Welcome to

The main features of this web site ( or blog site or whatever ) will focus on Taekwon-Do, its philosophies and traditional aspects, though other forms of martial arts with similar emphasis will also be published

The numbers of TKD action websites on the world wide web are virtually populating the internet seamlessly and one can just click and surf the net 24/7, watch the video clips until the eyes get bloated and puffy.

This website ( blog site ) is not one of those websites that highlight kicking, punching etc; it is not tournament based; it is not one of those websites that feature sparring bouts, high performance competitions that center on fighting on the arena.

This website will dwell on the very spirit of what this ancient martial art is, traditionally at its core , intended to be – the values of inner discipline, courtesy, indomitable spirit, of freedom, righteousness and justice, and how this martial arts drive and countenance the inculcation process.

MASTER NGIAW WITH GM PARK (2) view here Grand Master Ngiaw with Grand Master Park Jung Tae

Inherent in this research is the pursuit for technical proficiency and mastery of theory and application of the techniques. Related articles that highlight the virtues and the essence of universal values and spiritual cultivation will also be featured.

Since its introduction to the world from its origin in Korea, Taekwon-do has undergone immense metamorphosis as it has taken roots and gets embedded in the respective countries undergoing their unique cultural, societal and political assimilation process that have been taking place through the passage of time.

Masters training at Paterson view here Masters Training at Paterson, New Jersey.

Taekwon-Do’s transformation began to take shape in the early 70s with the establishment of more TKD governing bodies whose objectives differed from those batch of pioneer Korean Instructors who received their training in the military camp.

Fast forward to the present era, the Instructors’ passion and motive in Taekwon-Do training have shifted from the strict disciplinary paradigm to the pursuit of one of those ordinary sporting events whose emphasis on protocol and traditional values of courtesy, etiquette and perseverance tend to be fast disappearing. The epistemology of Taekwon-Do has eventually lost its essence.

Young Kids in martial art

TKD dojangs through out the world have witnessed lesser and lesser enrollment of working adults. What is dotting the classes now are the kids and teens. The Black Belt TKD exponent is no longer addressed as ‘Sabumin’ ( Instructor ) but rather as a coach. The beauty and grace in the execution of movements in the ‘hyungs’ ( patterns ) are no longer appreciated as the manifestation of one’s expression of ‘oneness’ with the universal ‘spirit’, or ‘motions in consciousness’.

What this 1martialart hopes to achieve is to proactively engage in the discussion of promoting these value systems which have been the hallmark of these ancient martial arts since time immemorial. This could be the ideal platform for such constructive engagement to perpetuate these noble values that have withstood the test of time.

World Peace starts with the individual consciousness deeply rooted and habituated with evolutionary impulses unfolding and enlivening peace within. When mindfulness and awareness begin to unfold at the deepest level, spiritual enlightenment will start to manifest, and eventually we will be fully awakened.

What is Wu Wei?

Wu Wei is like the Ocean.
Effortlessly she breathes,
wave after wave.
One breath, one wave.

Sometimes it soothes,
Sometimes it crashes,
Sometimes it gives,
Sometimes it takes.

In truth, she sends her wave
not because she wants to,
but because it is in her nature to do so.
and so it is done effortlessly.

It does not soothes, but we perceive it to be so.
It does not crash, but we perceive it to be so.
It does not give, but we perceive it to be so.
It does not take, but we perceive it to be so.

This effortless doing
is what is referred to as
doing without doing,
acting without acting

When one is one with the essence,
no merit is gained, nor any value lost.
Like waves from a great sea.
or the breathing of a newborn child.

Filling, and emptying.
In, and out.

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to (updated Sept 16, 2017)

  1. If you could message me with any hints about how you made your blog site look like this, I would be appreciative.

  2. Please go to website which has plenty of themes, appearances and choices together with instructions and guidelines as to how to host a website f.o.c

    You need to do ‘trial by error’ if you are not so familiar with computer esp on blogging. Takes time but it will be easy as you move forward.

    Happy blogging.

  3. I earned my black belt under Grand Master Lee Yoo Sun in 1984. I need to contact Mr. Lee but have not had any success. Do you have his contact information? If so, please forward to me. Best Regards, Don Smith

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